Guide to buying RQuanton on Waves DEX with web wallet (no email required) in 9 quick and easy steps (ALTERNATIVE DIRECT METHOD below if you want to buy a wallet directly from us)

1. Go to and click "continue with web" button. (takes 5 seconds)

2. Click on "Get Started" button, your account address will be displayed, then click on "Continue" button (if you tick the box keep the account on this computer you will be asked to choose an account name and password, no email address is ever required) (takes 2 minutes)

3. Next click "Back Up Now" button, to have your SEED displayed, then click through "I Understand" message, then copy and paste your seed to a text file by clicking "copy them" or write it down on a piece of paper, then click "I've written it down". (takes 30 seconds)

4. Then tap the words of your seed in the correct order, and click "Confirm" button. (takes 30 seconds)

5. Agree to Terms and conditions and Privacy policy and click "Confirm and begin" button. (takes 5 seconds)

YOUR WAVES WALLET HAS NOW BEEN CREATED, now to send bitcoin to it click the "receive" button in the upper left corner, and make sure that the asset selected is indeed bitcoin. Your bitcoin public key will now be displayed which is where you can send your bitcoin to. Bitcoin can be acquired through the Waves Platform but also through numerous other exchanges on which plenty of information is available online. The time to send confirmed bitcoin from one wallet to another can take anywhere from less than an hour to several hours depending on the fee you have paid (a couple of dollar cents to a couple of dollars)

6. After you have your bitcoin in your Waves wallet click on "exchange" in the upper row, to go to the exchange. (takes 5 seconds)

7. The first asset pair you see is WAVES/BTC, now buy 0.01 waves by filling out this amount and then clicking the "Buy WAVES" button (this is equal to just 3 dollar cents, but this is necessary to cover your transaction fees to buy RQuanton on the Waves exchange!). (takes 30 seconds)

8. Then search for RQuanton (upper left search bar), and it will show you a list of pairs, choose the RQuanton/BTC pair, and check both asset ID's for RQuanton and BTC so you are indeed purchasing the correct asset. (takes 1 minute)

RQuanton ID   7TmkNjcoJYhUfTnxeFP9fNg7v7AU63wV4SLNmu1hUsGD

9. Finally fill out the amount of RQuanton you would like to acquire, and the BTC limit price of 0.0002, then click "Buy RQuanton", and you're done (for this transaction 0.003 WAVES will be used, which is less than 1 dollar cent, which is why you had to buy them, otherwise you will get an error). (takes 30 seconds)

ALTERNATIVELY contact us directly at and we can sell you a wallet which already contains the desired amount of RQuanton or we can send the RQuanton to a specified wallet, and this can be paid for with wire transfer, paypal, or BTC.

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